Creative Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

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The same old fundraiser might bring in money, but it can also get a little boring for yourself and supporters. Why not try something new? Here to change up your moneymaking activities are a few creative fundraising ideas for sports teams. Obstacle Course How many people tune in to watch “American Ninja Warrior” each week? How about capturing that excitement with your own Obstacle Course? Put people’s agility to the test in a large park or field. Set up challenges and obstacles, the more creative, the better! Charge a per person fee or a fee...

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Home Security Tips for HOA Residents

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Protecting yourself and your property is a concern for all homeowners. However, when you are in an HOA managed residence there are certain factors that make your situation unique in terms of safety. There are not only individual units, but generally a common area that needs to be included in safety discussions. Here are home security tips for HOA residents. Your Home Fire is a fear of all home owners and can be especially worrisome with a homeowner’s association.  Studies show that nearly 2/3 of all fires start on a range or cook-top. Tips...

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School Year-End Checklist for Parent Organizations

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Booster Clubs, PTAs, PTOs and PTSAs all share a common goal of supporting schools and advocating for students. It comes as no surprise that as the school year comes to an end, many of these groups share the same procedures for closing out the school year. With all of the year end activity days, field trips and parties, it is easy for student group administration to get lost in the shuffle. We are here to get you on track and keep you on track so you can spend your spare time celebrating that school’s out for the summer. Year-End Meeting Host...

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Treasurer Transitions for PTAs & PTOs

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Spring means baseball, cookouts and gardening, right? Well it can also be a busy time for Treasurers of PTAs and PTOs. Behind T-ball practices and car-wash fundraisers there are PTA and PTO Treasurer transitions taking place and to ensure your changeover is a smooth one, we have some tips for success. Here is how to organize your Treasurer transition: Make a Checklist Whether you were formally voted in or simply asked in the parking lot at drop-off, there is a certain amount of responsibility and accountability that comes with serving as the...

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Management Strategies for All-Volunteer Organizations

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All-volunteer organizations are an important part of the nonprofit world. They are groups of committed volunteer who are busy serving their missions and usually don’t get a lot of credit for the wonderful work that they do. There can be paid staff in an all-volunteer organization. For example, in the case of a soccer league paying referees for Saturday games or perhaps historical societies may pay gardeners or other maintenance staff. However, the big difference is that all-volunteer organizations do not pay people to manage each other...

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PTA Fundraising Chair Responsibilities

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PTAs are important providers of school support and a vital role within the organization is the Fundraising Chair. Whether you have been recently asked or are considering involvement, here is a bit of information about this important position. How to Become a Fundraising Chair The Fundraising Chair is usually elected by the PTA Board or is appointed by the PTA President. The fundraising committee could be made up of the treasurer, publicity chairman, the room representative coordinator, the principal, a faculty member and perhaps the...

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Tax Deductions for Volunteering

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Did you know that it pays to volunteer? Not only are you pitching in and supporting a good cause but there are all kinds of deductions that you could be eligible for come tax time. Here are some very useful tax deductions for volunteering. Transportation Volunteers may deduct transportation expenses. They must be incurred getting to and from a volunteer assignment or during the volunteer work, say food delivery to an ailing patient. You can keep track of actual driving expenses like gas and oil changes, or simply take a mileage deduction at...

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Beyond the Lemonade Stand: 5 Spring Fundraising Ideas

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Spring is a great time to fundraise. The birds are chirping, the grass is growing (or hopefully overgrown, see below) and there is a lot to celebrate. Here are some of our favorite fundraising ideas. 1. Bike-a-thon As winter comes to a close, people are ready to stretch their legs and what’s a better way to do that than with a bike-a-thon. Charge an entrance fee and have kids get donation pledges for the number of laps that they do. Have fun decorating bikes and mapping a race-course in your parking lot or gym. Make sure each rider has a...

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The Ultimate Guide to Being a Volunteer Treasurer

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Have you recently stepped into the role of volunteer treasurer? The treasurer role of a nonprofit organization can be an incredibly rewarding experience but also a little bit daunting. The position does require financial expertise, dedication as well as time and patience. However, that doesn’t mean that record keeping can’t be fun! We are here to help you with your transition into your new role and we have developed this Ultimate Guide just for you. From the moment you agree to the position, to a handy end-of-year checklist; consider this...

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Simple Team Manager Software

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Managing a team requires a lot of responsibility, especially when the team is off-the-field. That is why team manager software is a great idea. Team management takes a high level of organization and attention to detail and we want to make all of this easy for you. We want to minimize your management time in order to maximize your time supporting your team. Communication Clear communication plays a vital role in effective team management. It is important to get everyone’s contact information. Then, set up a master email list so families can...

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