Tips for Total Family Wellness this School Year

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Staying healthy throughout the school year is generally a top priority for many families. Keep sick days at bay because with a little preparation total family wellness can be enjoyed by all. Nutrition Make sure healthy eating habits start at home. Student lunches and snacks can be loaded with sugar fats and preservatives so make sure your family has a healthy base of food knowledge to inform their eating decisions. Focus on whole foods at home and try to introduce two new foods a week. You might be surprised at the response! Take a few...

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Back to School: Teacher Appreciation Ideas from Students

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Going back to school is an exciting time for students and one of the ways to make the transition extra special is with one of these teacher appreciation ideas. Take a peek at these thoughtful gifts, heart-warming words to start your school year off in the right direction. The Balm Your new teacher will be positively buzzing with this gift.  Who doesn’t love bees? Their social and cooperative nature is a perfect metaphor for the productive learning community of a school. Try out our endearing printable and be sure to include a nice lip balm or...

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Booster Clubs & PTAs Can Raise Money with These School Rewards Programs

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As parents, we want the best for our students and if that means an extra piece of playground equipment, a field trip to the zoo or another useful school supply it might be difficult to find sufficient funds through your school. To help you out we have rounded up a few of the best rewards school programs for your school. These programs can mean big dollars for your students and oftentimes, they don’t take up a lot of extra time or effort. BoxTops for Education BoxTops for Education might be the most prolific school reward program. You have...

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5 Ways Your Booster Club Can Kick Off the New School Year

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Your Booster Club can drum up excitement for the new school year with these fun activities. Celebrate the end of summer, build school spirit and look forward to all of the excitement of the upcoming school year. Spirit Wear Sales Spirit Wear sales are a great way to raise money for your club while building community and enthusiasm for your school. The beginning of the school year is the perfect time to have a spirit wear sale. A week or two before school starts invite people to the school for the evening or piggyback with a popular sports...

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The Pros and Cons of an Organized HOA Meeting

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If you have attended an HOA meeting, you may have noticed that while an organized meeting might be the goal, it isn’t always easy to achieve. You may have even wondered if an organization should be forgotten all together. When homeowners get together, feelings and opinions may be quite strong and maybe more of an open forum-style meeting would be more productive. Whether you are pro organized meeting or would rather attend a brainstorming session, here are the pros and cons to having an organized HOA meeting. Pros Business A well-organized...

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Sample Reports, Documents & Templates for Sports Teams

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Keep yourself- and your team, organized with these sample reports, documents and templates for sports teams. Sports seasons are busy enough without the added challenges of team accounting, collecting dues and managing members. Here are three tools that will help you score high in organization. Once you have your team in tip-top shape you might even be able to sit back, relax and enjoy a game or two! MemberTracker MemberTracker is a team treasurer’s best friend. You can use MemberTracker to manage and track members securely and the software is...

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Accounting for Sports Teams: 10 Basic Tips

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Accounting for sports teams is a little more complicated than simply reading the scoreboard. However, it doesn’t have to be too challenging when you follow these helpful tips. Help your team by handling accounting curve balls with aplomb. 1.Evaluate Take stock of how team accounting has been done in the past. Did the previous accountant do everything by hand, say using hard copy or do you have a digital accounting system in place? If you are starting mid-year you may want to continue with the systems in place and not make any serious changes...

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The Treasurer Duties of Reconciling a Checking Account

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Whether you are an incoming Treasurer or this is a re-occurring role for you, the Treasurer duties of reconciling a checking account are very important to your financial success. Mistakes & Fraud There are two main reasons for reconciling a checking account. The first is to identify and correct errors. Let’s face it, mistakes happen! It is critical to have a close look at your records as money flows in and out of your account. The second reason to reconcile a checking account is to fight fraud. Unfortunately, like mistakes, fraud happens...

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Creative Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

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The same old fundraiser might bring in money, but it can also get a little boring for yourself and supporters. Why not try something new? Here to change up your moneymaking activities are a few creative fundraising ideas for sports teams. Obstacle Course How many people tune in to watch “American Ninja Warrior” each week? How about capturing that excitement with your own Obstacle Course? Put people’s agility to the test in a large park or field. Set up challenges and obstacles, the more creative, the better! Charge a per person fee or a fee...

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Home Security Tips for HOA Residents

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Protecting yourself and your property is a concern for all homeowners. However, when you are in an HOA managed residence there are certain factors that make your situation unique in terms of safety. There are not only individual units, but generally a common area that needs to be included in safety discussions. Here are home security tips for HOA residents. Your Home Fire is a fear of all home owners and can be especially worrisome with a homeowner’s association.  Studies show that nearly 2/3 of all fires start on a range or cook-top. Tips...

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